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Spikin’ Stats

Hi Mom,

Wow, I got a huge spike in my stats today.  I don’t know why.  I wonder if any kids are looking at my website.  Right now I’m having fun in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma looks like a hand with a finger pointing towards California.  You’ll be glad to know I’m doing a bit of community service.  Gardening without getting dirt under my claws was pretty easy.

Manny Gardening

I also had to babysit the cat.  I got wet, and kitty found a huge bug under that rock.  It tried to eat me, but Kitty ate it first.

here Kitty

Comforting the sick is my specialty.  Sadly, Darla’s father-in-law is in the hospital, but I think he liked me visiting him.  Turns out my heart rate is a little low.  I think that means I get a lot of exercise.

visiting the sick

Wind blows hard here in OK.  I saw this horsey toy fly through the air.  When it landed, I thought it would take me for a ride, but when I said, “Giddy up,” it sat there on the ground.  I kicked it, and it stayed right where it landed.  I left my Spanish cowboy hat at home.  I need you to send it.  Maybe it can help me get this horsey off the ground again.

Giddy Up

Everybody can do community service.  It’s easy ’cause it’s fun, and I’ve made lots of new friends.

new friends in ok


Well, I’ll see you later, Mom.