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Party Down in Delaware with Manny, a Talking Toucan, and International Students

I slept in after my train trip with Hal.  I can’t wait to be 89 like my mom’s cousin, Hal.  He parties.

Party down0

I couldn’t hear strangers talking.

Anselmo and his wife Vera came from Brazil.  Karen teaches in PA, and Meow lived in China.

Anselmo and his wife Vera came from Brazil. Karen teaches in PA, and Meow lived in China.

After they finished desert, Mom woke me up.

Party down0.5

I climbed on the table.  Mr. Toucan flew over, and landed at my feet.  Silly bird.  He repeated every word everyone said in his high-pitched baby voice.


Suddenly everyone talked at once, including Mr. Toucan, flapping his wings as he talked.  They talked in French.  They talked in Portuguese.  Everyone laughed.  No one noticed me.

party down3

Mr. Toucan’s chicks dropped by, and started dancing on the table.   Meow spoke Chinese to Mr. Toucan.  He repeated every word.  Everyone laughed.  The chicks kept dancing.  No one noticed me.


Weird stuffeds came to the table.  They smelled like they just came out of a box.  Anselmo took my picture with them.  Their mouths moved and made noises.  WOWEEE BLA BLA WHOAWEE!  They sounded excited.  I couldn’t understand their language, but I smiled.  Anselmo and Vera laughed and laughed.  The more they laughed, the more the WOWEEEs WOWEEEd.  I felt like I ate too many hot dogs on the train.

party down6

Christmas dogs bounded to the table, their tongues dripping apple cider.  They knocked over the apple cider as they landed on the table next to Hal.  They sang Christmas carols.  Big deal.  No one noticed me.  No one noticed monkey, either.  He couldn’t talk.  He didn’t move. He listened to the dogs sing.

party down 8

I sat on Monkey’s legs. The dogs sang again.  The room smelled like bananas.  Maybe monkey had banana legs.  Did I bust them open?  The dogs didn’t miss a note as they sniffed the air.

The dogs quit singing.  The banana smell went away.

party down 9

Suddenly someone noticed me.

“Hal?  Am I in trouble?  I didn’t mean to sit on monkey’s legs.”

“it’s ok Manny.  Monkey always smells like that.  His legs are fine.  You seemed sad.  Are you ok?”

“Hal. I can’t do fancy tricks.”

“Manny, everyone has their own special talent.  You blog.  People all over the world love you.  Let’s go get your blog and show people.”

party down7

Suddenly everyone noticed me.  The dining room smelled like honey, the way a dining room should smell.